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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Beat Your Competition

The easiest way to make it in today’s job hunting market is to be the best in your field -- there are so many job seekers that you need a way to stand out. This is not always easy to do when so many people are looking for jobs. The larger U.S. companies usually receive thousands of applications for every posted job opening.
For example, Nissan North American recently listed 158 open jobs and 13,000 individuals applied. Statistics like this may be discouraging but there are still ways to get ahead. However, there are many tips for job hunting in today’s market which can be helpful. One of the first questions to ask yourself is, "what do I value?"
Before looking for a job you should recognize what you value in terms of a company environment and job responsibilities. You should delineate what is important to you and what you would need in terms of salary and benefits. Once you know this you will be able to narrow your focus to job openings that fit these targets and your job search will be more effective.

Another tip for searching for jobs in today’s competitive market is to recognize the type of job you want to do. Many people don’t take the time to identify the job they want so they apply for any kind of job that has an opening. Without a narrow focus they end up sending out generic resumes that don’t get noticed. To narrow your focus, find jobs which you are interested in, and qualified for, and create a specialized resume for each one.
Another one of the tips for job hunting in today’s job search is to recognize your past accomplishments. This way you will know what you have to offer to potential employees. For example, if you have helped past employers meet certain objectives you will be able to identify ways that you can help potential employers succeed. Recognizing your past accomplishments will also help you narrow your job search.
Networking is another way job hunters can find out about job openings. Many times if you already know somebody within the company, or know somebody that knows somebody within the company, you may be able to get your foot in the door. Personal references frequently help job hunters find job openings better than applying for jobs on job websites.
It is also important to research different company’s you are interested in. Research will help you identify the company's you should be applying to and help you recognize what you can offer to a company. If you do receive an interview the interviewer will be impressed that you have done your research. Additionally, job hunters need to be able to market themselves and convince employers that they are the best candidate.
A final, and equally important, of the tips for job hunting in today’s market is to not become discouraged if you don’t hear anything

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