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Saturday, January 7, 2012

you using Twitter to help you find a job

If not, why not? I was never a big fan of Twitter, but recently there and now I'm really useful (and sometimes fun!). Some of the first people I followed were the recruiters (I was looking for a job in digital marketing at the moment more pro-active and chased me and followed me) - and even after seeing that regular jobs.
Many people like a champion LinkedIn job search tool and is one of many ways - I see it as a networking tool Twitter more formal. But unlike Linkedin, Twitter can take any shape or way we do it and it is a job search tool is very powerful. How many different ways to connect directly with recruiters, employers and employees within their chosen sector and the environment?

Some tips to get started with Twitter;

A profile says you're serious. You will not send a resume to a recruiter and imcomplete same, your Twitter profile should include your name, avatar (not a picture of you, but try to keep fit for all to see!) And short bio with a link to your website or blog if you have one.
Why not be creative with your profile and add a custom background to deviate from other Twitter users?
Follow, follow, follow. You have to start somewhere, so choose a number of Twitter users to follow. These may be familiar, friends, colleagues, whatever, but it is necessary that the initial seed of the bill. Twitter gives little information to the reader - the people or the number of people who still says something about you. An account that does not follow everyone can be seen as engaged - but still many people (not traced) can be seen as low quality.
Top tip - if you want people to follow your account, and then get going. A lot of people will follow you back immediately. Retweet tweets regularly than others - is most likely to follow. And talking to people directly - a conversation is the best way to get people back to follow you and retweet your tweets. Think of it as relationship building.
Tweet regularly. Think about your audience. If you work in digital marketing, digital marketing than tweets about - to inform them about the subject and an opinion leader. People are more likely to have an active account to continue expanding its network of potential.
Continue to focus. Want a job well done? Find local recruiters and keep their accounts. The same goes for local employers. Chat with them - Retweet them - make yourself known.
Keep an eye on your news feed. All kinds of people post jobs via Twitter - not just for recruiters, so worth keeping an eye on what people publish. When you set up your network of followers, then use it to ask about vacancies available. Being able men at 100, 200, 500 or 1000 + vacancies directly on a great way to get information about jobs and also to keep in mind the network to ask - you can find other jobs later.
Save it - even if you find a job, it may be helpful to your Twitter account to keep for the future - you can open many doors for you!

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