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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Today Fashion tips

The D10 has just gone man-on-the-streets. We ambushed some unsuspecting metro denizens and asked them a bunch of questions about city life. Stay tuned everyday until Friday to see what many other metronians have to say about living in, exploring and surviving the metropolis. Today’s question is “What should we wear in a tropical city with a very unpredictable weather?” Here are the answers:

1. I think it’s always best to carry a shawl/scarf around wherever you go. So if you do get chilly, you can always have something that you can wrap around yourself. They come in a variety of colors and prints so you can find one suitable to your personality. Plus, of you don’t want to wear anymore you can always just stuff it back in your bag. -Myka Mallillin, 23, TV Producer

2. The Philippines is quite humid, more so when it rains! So, I opt wearing clothes made with comfortable and breathable fabric like cotton and linen. I just carry a sweater and a portable umbrella in my bag. -Celine Encarnacion, 27, Yoga Instructor

3. Simple and staple pieces are key to my daily wardrobe. Go for light fabric and neutral colors for easy mix and match and comfortable outfit under the warm weather. And I never leave my house without my cardigan, flats,and umbrella just in case it rains. -Danica Valdes, Publicist

4. For days with unpredictable weather, I wear a fresh, white blouse tucked in a pencil skirt with prints and comfortable shoes. They’re great for hot days and the look is trendy as well. When it gets a little windy or rainy, I have a cardigan on hand. It’s perfect since cardigans are light but just cozy enough to keep me warm. -Bernadine Recrio, 16, Student

5. Be stylish but dress up comfortably. Just make sure you have a jacket or whatever suits your outfit when the cold wind kicks in. But please remember this: you’re in the Philippines. It’s the rainy season, not winter. -Pam Manansala, 22, Event Organizer

6. Wear clothing with dark shades so that when they get wet, it won’t be noticeable. Pair it with short shorts and always have an umbrella in your cute shoulder bag. For guys, anything comfortable will do. Anything goes with a nice jacket, dudes. -Gianneluisa Gonzales, 16, Student

7. Knee-length pants and cotton shirts are it since they’re very neutral, especially if you travel across the metro everyday like I do. Best of all, they won’t get soaked in puddles on rainy days. Chaching! -Rea Oro, 18, Student

8. Invest in a bunch of jackets that can go with all sorts of outfits. That way you cans till wear tank tops or other tops that will help you survive sudden heat and humidity waves. -Patti Mallari, 29, Communications Specialist

9. I noticed one cool thing when I was in Tokyo that when it rains, they use transparent umbrellas. Not only do these look cool with whatever they’re wearing, but they’re also able to walk through crowded streets without hitting each other or accidentally poking an eye out because they can see through their umbrellas, so they’re able adjust and make their way accordingly. -Maggie Atienza, 25, Project Manager

10. Layering is fashionable and practical. You can put on a nice lightweight trench coat or jacket if it’s cold or raining, and it’s something you can easily take off if the weather suddenly shifts. Just make sure you’re wearing a cute outfit underneath. A jacket should be treated like a piece of accessory, something to accentuate your ensemble, not something you can hide in. -Karen Manipol, 27, Headhunter

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