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Monday, November 1, 2010

Job Hunting Hints

Well, you have come this far and you obviously have an inkling that you want a new job. So you are ready to go job hunting. To make it effective, it is essential to organise your time, set your goals in what you want and set time aside to pursue the opportunities.

    * Remember, if you do not bag the first job, DON'T PANIC - "Rome was not built in a day" and you will get there.
    * Increase your chances by circulating more CVs

The AD - The job Profile

    * Read the Ad - is this job for you?
    * Adapt your CV to focus on your skills and the job requirements.
    * Try and find out who will be reading your application.
    * If the job ad asks for specific info, remember to highlight it.
    * Follow what the employer asks for in completing application forms etc.
    * Send a brief cover letter,this is very important.


We all know people who will know other people who are responsible for filling vacancies or know where there are vacancies. These people are simply your friends, family and acquaintances - they are invaluable in helping you get the job you want.

    * A percentage of positions are filled before they are advertised.
    * Your contacts may have information on job vacancies.
    * Make a hit list of who may know something.
    * Network and get to know people in your desired field.
    * Put yourself forward - in some cases even work for nothing on a trial basis.
    * Distribute your CV in person
    * Be bold, relaxed and confident but not pushy. Good Luck!

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