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Sunday, October 24, 2010

get a job quick


First this process requires you to not be afraid of people. You have to make phone calls before and after you apply for the job. You need to try and remember the names or name of the person in charge of hiring you.
First call the places of business that you would like to be employed by. Ask for the in charge person of hiring. Not HR they only screen applicants they do not hire. ( most of the time)
Next you need to see if there is a postion available that you would be interested in doing. Also research the employer where you would like to work. If they sell corn found out there motto and their selling points to their products.
After make these steps apply for the job. Attitude is most important even over experience. When applying always smile, make eye contact and be very sweet and helpful to whomever accepts your application. They are checking you out if you are rude or unfriendly they will say something to the hiring person.

After you have accomplish all of this call within 2 days of applying for the job and ask for the persons name you got. Smile when you are on the phone people can hear it in your voice. Let them know you want this job and are available for an interview.

At this point you are probably a shoe in. Most people drop off an application or resume and never call back. When interviewing make sure you answer all question honestly and tell the interviewer you WANT the job. Most people never say they want the job.
Well I think this will get you started in your search and should land you a job. Keep a smile on your face and you will get it!

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