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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Top 7 Interview Tips for Today’s

Tip #1: Master an answer to “Tell me about yourself.” Include some brief statements
about former positions and employers, what people say are your strengths, an overview of your
educational credentials, and something personal about you, such as your hobbies or interests.
Practice your answer over and over until you know it cold. Additional tips are on page 67.
􀀹 Tip #2: Rely on your “security blanket.” Also referred to as an “Accomplishments Page,”
this document includes 5–10 of your best success stories and achievements. When you draw a
blank in an interview, rely on it to help you recall a great answer. See page 108 for more details.
􀀹 Tip #3: Google your interviewer. Spend 15 minutes on line researching your interviewer and
his company. Being able to say, “I see that your business is…” or “I discovered that you…” goes
a long way toward setting you apart from your competition. How-to’s are described on page 49.
􀀹 Tip #4: Say, “That’s a great question. May I have a minute to think about it?” if
you’re stumped by a question. This buys you a little time, plus it boosts the interviewer’s ego,
thinking that she’s asked something challenging. Even more great panic-tamers are provided on page 117.
􀀹 Tip #5: Build evidence that you can do the job. Analyze the job’s key requirements, and
brainstorm several examples of your expertise in those areas. This valuable process will build
your confidence more than any other interview-preparation step. Specific how-to’s begin on page 25.
􀀹 Tip #6: Keep quiet about pay. When asked, “What kind of money do you want to make?”
answer with, “What range were you considering?” Allowing the interviewer to provide the first
specific figure allows you to negotiate better. Several great tips for getting the best pay begin on page 145.
􀀹 Tip #7: Put the odds in your favor. On average, it can take up to 10 interviews to land a
great job. Simple steps like increasing the number of interviews you land can result in a higher
number of attractive offers. Page 17 gets you started on how to make this happen.

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